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Colac is located approximately 174 km west of Melbourne with a population of 12,000. The Colac Station currently attends approximately 1100 cases per year, with 40% deemed life threatening emergencies, 40% urgent, and the remaining 20% of cases classified as non urgent transports.  The Station operates a roster utilising eight staff, houses 3 vehicles (2 x Mercedes Sprinter and a Ford Territory) with one Stretcher vehicle being manned 24 hours per day with a crew of two full time ALS staff. 

Until the building of the Winchelsea Station, the Colac Station also houses the Winchelsea 'Peak Period' Ambulance giving Colac a second ambulance from 11am to 9pm each day.



The current Colac Station soon after its opening in 2003


Colac Station is just one of over 250 stations that form the state funded Ambulance Victoria (AV).  Covering Victoria's 5.4 million rural population,  AV employs just over 3400 full-time on-road Paramedics (including 578 MICA-Paramedics).  A fleet of around 700 emergency response vehicles (including around 520 stretcher vehicles) are also utilised responding to approximately 843,000 cases of which 590,000 emergency cases and 253,000 non emergency cases per year.




Rural Ambulance Victoria (RAV) Stations just before RAV ceased to exist

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19 March 2017